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SMU Christian Fellowship
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
SMU Christian Fellowship logo
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Christian Fellowship


At the SMU Christian Fellowship, you can expect the following: Faithful Bible teaching: We are devoted to teaching the Bible faithfully. We believe that the faithful teaching of the Bible is how people will become Christian and how Christians will keep growing in maturity. A loving community: Here at SMUCF, CFers don’t just gather to read the Bible. We do life together! We pray and we play together. We study the Bible and we study in the library together. Here, you will find a loving community to journey alongside you in the faith – supporting you through the ups and downs of SMU life.

At SMUCF, as students gather to learn from God’s word together, many have had their lives changed.

Come and experience it for yourself!



  1. Yearly CF camps Yearly CF camps such as Freshmen Orientation Camp in August and May Bible Retreat where we bid farewell to our graduating batch.
  2. Evangelistic events We also hold evangelistic events every semester where students have the opportunity to invite their non-Christian friends down.
  3. University-wide bible camps and conferences There are also university-wide bible camps and conferences every year where we combine with other campus ministries in NUS, NTU, SUTD, SUSS, SIT.



Super Tuesday 

Day  Tuesdays
Time  7:30 pm 
Venue  SOB CR 2-1

Growth Groups (Meeting will fall on either one of the timings below)

Day  Tuesdays Tuesdays Thursdays
Time 1:00 pm 4:30pm 1:00 pm
Venue  Various CRs/SRs

Prayer Meetings 

Day  Fridays
Time 3:30 pm 
Venue  TBC



No, we believe that everyone should hear the Bible.

"Being part of SMUCF has enabled me to grow tremendously in my appreciation for and knowledge of the Word. I am always encouraged by the loving community here in CF where we all seek to exemplify Christlikeness and spur each other on in the faith."

-Chun Jing Hui, School of Economics, Year 4


"It has been a great year with the CF, worshipping God, learning truths in the bible, and enjoying fellowship with the Christian community in SMU! Super Tuesdays and GG bible studies are things I look forward to every week, and I really enjoy my time at CF events and socials."

-Samuel Sim, School of Computing and Information Systems, Year 3



Yes! SMU will be the place where you’ll be spending the bulk of your time in the next 4 years. It’ll be helpful to have a Christian community at SMU that can support you and help you grow in your faith while you’re here.

SMUCF is non-denominational and independent! At SMUCF, we have people from different church backgrounds coming together to study the Bible.

Yes! SMUCF’s activities are suitable for both Christians and people who are exploring Christianity.

In SMUCF, our goal is to present our members mature in Christ by helping them grow in their understanding of God’s word by studying the Bible in an expository manner. We encourage you to check out CRU’s page or talk to their members to find out more from them!

SMUCF has its very own staff team. The staff team of 6 consists of a male and female staff worker and 1 male and 3 female interns. They are in charge of planning the teaching programme and caring for the students.


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