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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Student Council of Discipline (SCD)


SMU Student Council of Discipline (SCD) is a unique student-run institution appointed by the SMU Provost to work with the Office of the Dean of Students to provide a feedback channel for students on academic and non-academic disciplinary issues and to promote SMU’s CIRCLE Values. 

Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Collegiality, Leadership & Excellence are SMU's CIRCLE values. We actively promote the CIRCLE Values through student engagement and awareness campaigns throughout the academic term to uphold students' interest and welfare in SMU. 

You will be equipped with event planning skills, project management, marketing, and more by joining us! Additionally, you will develop stakeholder management and communication skills. Our senior advisors will guide and mentor each member for seamless integration into the Council and your roles. 

In SCD, you will have ample opportunities to develop your intellectual & creative skills, personal mastery, interpersonal skills, and global citizenship. These are SMU's vital Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs) you will achieve as a student.


  1. Preventing Plagiarism with SMU Libraries SCD collaborated with SMU Libraries for the 5th consecutive year in organizing competition about preventing plagiarism and promoting the use of databases. Students got creative in designing the posters and videos, displaying how to cite in APA style accurately and promoting the wide variety of databases offered by SMU Libraries. 

  2. CIRCLEs Bazaar SCD's flagship event that involves all the CIRCLE values and encourages the SMU community to exhibit them through fun and engaging games.

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  • 4 General Meetings
  • 2 Retreats
  • 1 Council Meeting (once every 2 weeks, flexible)



University Student Life Award




There will be info sessions and an interview to recruit the 20th Council. More information regarding the recruitment process will be provided closer to the date via SMU email and other social media platforms.


"Joining SCD was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my SMU journey. It has given me the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally, while serving the SMU community. The invaluable experiences I have accumulated through organising events has been extremely transferable across various roles. The function of SCD is to produce innovative leaders to serve the SMU student body. Be part of our SCD family to gain practical experience in a safe environment."

- Shahira Begum, SOA Year 3, 18th Council President


"SCD has been one of the enriching experiences I have had in my last 3 years in SMU. Having been part of the committee in Yr 1, SCD has exposed me to the challenging tasks of engaging our student body while coming up with many creative and innovative campaigns. One of my greatest takeaways from my time was definitely the committed guidance that our senior advisors and staff have given us throughout. I met many wonderful helpful seniors and peers in SCD who have definitely given my SMU journey a little bit more colour."

- Diuzza Anne Fernandez Aragon, SOSS Year 4, 16th Council Marketing Director


All council members will be part of the Executive Committee (EXCO). The positions available are President, Vice-President, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Finance Secretary, Marketing Director, and Events Director. We will release a slides deck with more information closer to the recruitment date!

We organize around six events during our term. Our events aim to promote CIRCLE values to the student body through engaging and meaningful events. For example, we launched 'Bestie Vibes with SCD' around Valentine's Day, to promote collegiality, one of SMU's CIRCLE values. Students were encouraged to share a photo of themselves enjoying an activity with their 'bestie' and encourage their friends to do the same. Central to this event was valuing friendship, companionship & collegiality.

Ultimately, each Council has the flexibility to decide how many events they wish to carry out.

We highly encourage you to build up your own SMU experiences through other CCAs. However, given that each member holds an EXCO position in SCD, you may not sign up for EXCO positions in other CCAs.

You will have ample opportunities to develop your intellectual and creative skills, personal mastery, interpersonal skills, and global citizenship. 

In a term, SCD organizes 6 events over 2 semesters. Planning for each event provides opportunities for students to develop their creative thinking. Each event presents unique challenges that require critical and innovative thinking to solve.

SCD is home to self-driven and resilient leaders, where personal mastery is developed. Leaders must work competently and be positive, especially in times of hardship.

As a small team of EXCOs, collaboration and teamwork are essential in SCD. Communication skills will be sharpened when liaising with various internal and external stakeholders during their terms. Verbal and written communication is vital, especially when handling sensitive and important matters.

As part of SMU’s CIRCLE values, responsibility is central to most events. SCD produces global citizens who uphold high standards of ethics and social responsibility. The importance of ethics and social responsibility is underscored in competitive events held by SCD, such as the annual event in partnership with SMU Libraries, where we maintain ethical and fair judging.

You may reach out to us via Instagram @SMUSCD or Telegram @ryanchl (President, Ryan) and @woshisimin (Vice-President, Si Min).

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