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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
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Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

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With a mixture of dazzling footwork and sizzling moves, we strive to bring passion to the Latin Ballroom Dance scene by reinventing boundaries and presenting Latin Ballroom in a modern light!

SMU Ardiente is the home of SMU latin dancers. We specialise in 5 types of Latin Ballroom Dance - 

Cha-Cha-Cha | Rumba | Jive | Samba | Paso Doble

Discover your passion for latin dance no matter your dance background. You can look forward to a fun-filled latin dance fam! We also have numerous performance opportunities, be it internal (SMU) events or external commissioned events


1. Competitions We participate in regular inter-varsity and external competitions under the guidance of world-class instructors.

2. Performances There are various opportunities for our members to perform every year, from commissioned external gigs to internal school showcases. We value all our dancers’ efforts and passion to perform onstage and present them on our social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

3. Annual Dance Productions (Un Paso) Our hallmark annual original screenplay dance production is written, produced and directed by our very own club members. From concept to costume, our dancers come together as a club to bring magic to the dance theatre. 

4. CCA Bonding Activities Our club strengthens the bonds between members through regular gatherings, welfare and special holiday celebrations.




  Junior Training Senior Training Technique Training
Day Tuesdays Wednesdays Saturdays
Time 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 9:30 am to 11:00 am


1. 2022 - SMU Excellence In Student Life Award (Arts Small Group)  Silver Award

2. 2021 - Singapore Ballroom Dance Festival 2021 3rd - Most Popular Group  

3. 2019 - 15th Singapore National Open Dancesport Championship 1st (Cha, Rumba) - Latin Beginner - Nathanael & Shi Min 

4. 2019 - 10th Stars of Tomorrow Ballroom Dancing Championships 2nd (Cha, Rumba) - Pre-Novice Latin - Jun Wei & Elza 2nd (Rumba) - Medallist Latin- Jun Wei & Elza

5. 2019 - 3rd Aquilia-NTU Dancesport Championships  1st (Cha, Rumba) - Inter Tertiary Closed Single Dance - Jason & Susila 2nd (Cha) - Inter Tertiary Closed Single Dance - Wei Yang & Cynthia 3rd (Rumba) - Inter Tertiary Closed Single Dance - Wei Yang & Cynthia 3rd - Amateur Rising Star Open Latin - Ernest & Mabel 3rd - Amateur Open Latin - Ernest & Mabel

6. 2018 - Singapore National Tertiary Dance Championship Overall Champion Team Match: Champion 1st (Samba, Rumba) - Novice Open - Joey & Jewel 1st (Cha, Samba, Rumba) - Single Dance Open - Ernest & Mabel 1st (Jive) - Single Dance Open - Greg & Cynthia 2nd (Samba, Rumba) - Single Dance Open - Joey & Jewel 2nd (Jive) - Single Dance Open - Charlton & Julia 3nd (Paso) - Single Dance Open - Damian & Angele 2nd (Cha, Jive) - Novice Open - Greg & Cynthia 2nd (Rumba) - Beginner Syllabus - Jason & Audrey 2nd (Samba, Jive) - Adult Solo - Bowie 3rd (Cha) - Single Dance Open - Greg & Cynthia 3rd (Cha) - Beginner Open - Damian & Angele 3rd (Rumba) - Beginner Open - Charlton & Julia 3rd (Cha) - Single Dance Syllabus - Jason & Audrey 2nd - Showdance




Yes, there will be auditions. However, we do understand that this is a new genre for most people and do not require you to have any dance background prior. We are mainly looking out for your passion and commitment! By tying our audition process with the introductory workshops which will be held after Vivace, we hope that you will see it more as a fun opportunity to enjoy and showcase yourself :)

"I have always found dancing as my comfort space. Ever since I was little, dancing was a way for me to feel confident and to feel more like myself. Latin ballroom dancing is a genre that I have always found as one of the most unique form expression. It is something I have looked forward to learning for a very long time and I'd be extremely grateful if you can give me the opportunity for the same." - Pattan Gulshan Fathima, School of Business, Year 1

"I have Latin background and I am very excited to be dancing with a group of likeminded people! Also, I have actually performed with Ardiente before as an extra in a couple of productions many years back! So I'm super excitedddd" - Regin, School of Business, Year 1


Competition wear is often vibrant to capture attention, but it is entirely up to you.

Any comfortable active/dancewear will do, with latin heels (girls) and shoes (guys). Yes, latin heels/shoes will be required, but don’t worry, there is a range of pricing so you won’t have to break the bank.

Newcomers have 2 training sessions a week (Tues 7.30pm, and Sat 9.30am), 1.5 hours each. Treat these training sessions as a way to stay healthy, relax, and meet your friends amidst the hustle of uni life :)

No, we do not assign fixed partners. We typically rotate partners to allow everyone to learn how to dance with different people. This also promotes flexibility in partnering for competitions, and gives everyone an equal learning opportunity. 

Of course, we understand that it is natural to have a preferred partner for competitions/performances and we don’t place any rules on this.

We have 4 qualified professional latin dance instructors from Aquilia Dance Academy that will guide you every step of the way. They are:  1) Rosario : Principal and main teacher of Aquilia Dance Studio 2) Joy: Certified teacher by United Kingdom Alliance who specialises in basic to advanced techniques and ladies styling 3) Nicolas: Professional competitor and teacher who specialises in on advanced techniques and competitive latin ballroom 4) Azri: Singapore’s top Amatuer Latin Competitor (SBDTA 2018), specialising in adult beginner, styling and performance

Alternatively, check out their profiles @

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