Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19
Certain photos and images featured in the following video were taken pre-COVID19

SMU Malay Language and Cultural Club (SMU MLCC)


SMU Malay Language & Cultural Club (MLCC) aims to create a greater awareness and appreciation of our arts while cultivating strong bonds within the community, in and out of SMU. We have two performing arts wings - Rentak and Persadamu.  

Rentak is the only Malay percussion ensemble at the tertiary level. Under the guidance of Singapore’s prominent Malay performing artists, members will learn about different Malay instruments and their various playing styles. Throughout the year, members also get multiple opportunities to perform! Interested? Then sign yourself up for our annual Rentak Experience Day (coming real soon!) to see what we do and try out some instruments! Also, do keep a lookout for Rentak’s upcoming musical production at the end of the year!  

Persadamu is our biennial theatre production through which members bring to light pertinent issues found within the Malay community. It is a ground-up initiative of student-led teams with mentorship from distinguished figures in the Malay arts scene. You will get to learn the ins and outs of a production - acting, scriptwriting, producing, stage management and more!  

Aside from our performing arts wings, MLCC also organises a multitude of bonding events such as movie night, outdoor events, arts workshops, and educational talks!


  1. Arts Workshops Each year, we highlight different Malay art forms to let everyone experience a little bit of our diverse culture! In the past, we have organised Batik Art Jams, Silat, Dikir Barat, and Malay Dance workshops! Would you like to see more?
  2. Movie Night Come for our screening of timeless Malay movies! Appreciate this incredible part of our culture while taking a break from the stresses of school!
  3. Outdoor Events Apart from cultural activities, MLCC also organises sports activities for us to keep fit and *stay bonded*! Past events include night cycling, and dodgeball!

Reach us at!



Day Mondays Wednesdays
Time 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Venue MDL


  1. 11th China-ASEAN Education Cooperation 2018 Rentak; Performed in Guzhou, China together with SMU Samba Masala
  2. Singa Drum Gaia 2019 Rentak; Performed alongside groups such as Drum Feng and Damaru Singapore, and produced by Nadi Singapura.
  3. Chingay Parade 2020 Rentak; Performed in collaboration with Nadi Singapura & together with groups like RP Beats Encore, City Samba & Batidas Centro.
  4. "Permata Budaya antara Nusantara" 2021​​ MLCC; Participated in cross-cultural exchange programme organized by UiTM Kolej Melati



No, no audition is required to join Rentak. However, potential casts for Persadamu are to attend auditions.

"I met so many amazing people whom I now consider friends all thanks to Persadamu! It is one of my highlights in SMU. 10/10 would do it again!!!"

- Muhammd Falliq, School of Business Year 4, Member (Persadamu)

"Prior to joining Rentak, I had 0 knowledge of music and yet I was never shunned. Forgetting the beats to a song is normal, but I’ve never forgotten how welcomed they made me feel."

- Mohamad Rahmat Hidayat, School of Computing and Information Systems Year 2, Member (Rentak)


As a Malay and/or Muslim undergraduate, you are automatically entitled to the MLCC membership!

You do, however, have to register if you would like to join our cultural wings - Rentak & Persadamu. Stay tuned to our social media to be updated on our recruitment calls!


An active member is a member that actively participates in our club activities. Active member benefits through updated CCA records, welfare drive priority and more!

To be considered an active member, you must attend at least 3 events in a year OR be a part of MLCC's Executive Committee OR be a member of at least one of the two wings - Rentak/ Persadamu.


 Sheeeeesh - We love to see an active member! Yes, you can join both wings.

Rentak has practice sessions twice a week. If we have special events coming up, the number of sessions might increase!

Persadamu is a summer commitment & show dates are usually in August.


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